Praise for Writing Mobile Code"This book will be your new bible for the rapidly developing world of mobile computing. From design to performance, the information you need to be successful is here."—Doug Ellis, Area Technical Manager, Cognos Corporation"In the often resource-constrained world of mobile device development, solid software engineering practices are essential to success. Ivo's book, with its emphasis on code performance, is refreshing and timelymdand it delivers!"—Bill Draper, Director of Software Development, MICROS Systems, Inc."To write mobile, you need to think mobile. This book is a big first step in getting your head into the right gear."—Jon Skeet, Independent Software Engineer"Writing Mobile Code is an indispensable resource for any programmer, whether or not you are writing mobile code. That's because Salmre not only teaches you how to program mobile devices, he also teaches you how to be a good programmer. Salmre's writing is easy to follow and has real-world application. He teaches the novice how to develop robust applications with the user in mind, and he reminds us veterans that keeping things simple is very important. I am recommending this book to my peers and anyone who needs to write a program."—Michael Maitland, Sr. Systems Architect, Target Systems"A great reference and learning tool that covers all the main issues for software engineering on mobile devices, this is an essential book for anyone who is developing software on mobile platforms. Designing software on a mobile device has a lot of unique challenges; this book walks the developer through all of them."—Mark Gilbert, Software Designer, Microsoft Corporation"In this book, Ivo Salmre leverages his experience as a designer of the .Net Compact Framework and teaches us how to develop effective mobile applications. It covers the entire process of designing and developing mobile applictions with a focus on performance optimization. Although the examples in this book are given in C# and Visual Basic languages, it would prove useful to mobile developers of all platforms. I highly recommend it."—Michael Yuan, PhD., Mobile Software Consultant