Dear: Valued Customer

The past year 2013 went away, the new year 2014 is coming up, this is the moment for us to look back the past year with the gloomy picture for finance, monetary; the wild fluctuation of the economy, interest rate, inflation, and simultaneously hope to the new year with much more success.

In 2014, in the same situation with the rest companies, MLC VIETNAM was affected by the monetary policy, exchange rate fluctuations, and the increase in the prices of the in-put raw materials. However, with an unstoppable effort, we are leaving no means untired to keep the out-put price unchanged, as well as impove the quality of services, consultancy, assistance in order to cooperate and understand thoroughly your difficulties.

With the aim of supporting and providing the best services to Our Customer in an effort to help you find all products in need at one provider. In the Automation field, besides the well-known trademark OMRON, we have increasingly added the more ranges of products, made abundant in the list, quality, price of product such as : Â IDEC, FUJI ELECTRIC, LS-LG, CHINT, INVT,..In the printing fields, MLC VIETNAM has enlarged the MLC DESIGN AND PRINTING factory (The Vietnamese trademark is IN DEP 247) with a variety of the choices to your company, manufaturing, and sale..such as envelope, catalogue, product bag, guiding book.

The New Year 2014 is upon us, with all our respects, we, MLC VIETNAM, would like to sincerely give a thanks to your encouragement and cooperation in the time being and hope to receive your belief in the New Year, 2013 as much as possible.

Your belief and cooperation have been the fundamental and motivation for MLC VIETNAM to develop and complete our performance. We, MLC VIETNAM , do promise that we will bring to you the most appreciate product, price, the most effective investment with the best quality of wholehearted warranty and customer-caring, and post-sale services.

In the exciting atmostphere of welcoming the New Year 2014, MLC VIETNAM would like to wish our honor customers, partners and colleagues a year of prosperous and successful businesses and conquering all challenges. We also wish the cooperation between you and MLC VIETNAM will develop more sustainably.

Yours truthfully