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1. ON TIME = Very punctual, not late.
If something happens on time, which means it happens at the time which was planned.

Ví dụ:
1.1 That person said that Rocket Express is coming on time.
1.2 We finished our project work on time. Cheers!
1.3 A punctual person always comes on time.
1.4 Be on time. Don’t be late.

2. IN TIME = Soon enough.
If something happens in time, which means it happens soon enough.

Ví dụ:
2.1 I will be there in time for personal meeting.
2.2 Stay calm. Space Shuttle express will arrive in time for VIPs and we’ll also get advantage.
2.3 Be in time to occupy your seat at Cricket stadium. Don’t be too late.
2.4 Thank God! We are in time otherwise we would have missed Pre-Drama scene.

=> Tổng kết: Please, come to the book shop on time because I will be there in time.

=> Chú ý: từ trái nghĩa với "on time" là "late"; từ trái nghĩa với "in time" là "too late"
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