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Chủ đề: Ebook hóa học đê...ê!!!

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    svBK's Newbie
    Tham gia ngày
    Aug 2005
    Bài gửi

    Mặc định Ebook hóa học đê...ê!!!

    Tui có khá nhiều ebook hóa học đây:
    I, CD1 - Organic chemistry (Hóa hữu cơ)(612MB):

    Acetylene chemistry

    Catalysts for fine chemical synthesis Vol 1 - hydrolysis oxidation and reduction

    Compendium of organic synthetic method Vol 9

    Cycloaddition reaction in organic synthesis

    Homogenous Catalysis - Mechanism and industry applications

    March's organic chemistry 4th ed

    March's organic chemistry 5th ed

    Caray F, Advanced organic chemistry - Part A, Structure and mechanisms 4th ed

    Caray F, Advanced organic chemistry - Part B, Reactions and Synthesis 4th ed

    Clayden J. Organic chemistry

    Hiemens P.C. - Polymer chemistry

    Principles of polymerization

    A guide book to mechanism in organic chemistry 6th ed

    Monson, Richard S. - Advanced organic synthesis, methods and techniques

    Asymmetric catalysis in organic synthesis

    Hassner A., Stumer C. - Organic synthesis based on name reactions and unnamed reactions

    Heidelberger M. - An advanced laboratory manual of organic chemistry

    Name reactions in heterocyclic chemistry

    Vogel – Textbook of Practical organic chemistry 5th ed

    Protective groups in organic synthesis

    R.C Larock, comprehensive organic transformations – a guide to functional group preparations 2nd ed

    R. Groningen - Catalysis of Diels - Alder reactions in water

    Synthesis of acetilenes, allenes and cumulenes

    Tsuji J. - Palladium reagents and catalysts

    Organic synthesis (79 vols) (annual books)

    The logic of chemical synthesis

    Organic synthesis - concepts, methods, starting materials

    The chemistry of phenols

    Hudlicky - Oxidations in Organic Chemistry

    Shirley - Preparation of Organic Intermediates

    Zubrick - Organic chem lab survival manual 2nd ed

    II, CD2 + 3 – Chemical engineering (Hóa công nghệ) (>700 MB):
    1. A heat transfer text book

    2. Chemical process and design handbook

    3. Corrosion – vol 1: Metal /Environment Reactions

    4. Corrosion – vol 2: Corrosion control

    5. Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer solution manual

    6. Elsevier - Chemical process safety, learning from case histories

    7. Fire and explosion hazards – Handbook of industrial chemical

    8. Hazardous chemicals handbook

    9. Health, safety and accident management in the chemical process industries

    10. Handbook of reactive chemical hazards (2 vols)

    11. Survey of Industrial Chemistry (3rd ed)

    12. Perry’s chemical engineering handbook 7th ed(pdf version)

    13. Visual encyclopedia of chemical engineering equipment

    14. Corrosion handbook (Pierre Roberge)

    15. CRC Advanced thermo dynamics engineering

    16. Encyclopedia of physical and technology – Chemical engineering

    17. Heat and mass transfer mechanical engineering handbook

    18. Transport in porous catalysts

    19. Synthetic nitrogen products – A practical guide to the products and processes

    20. Industrial solvents handbook

    21. Annamalai K., Puri I.K. Advanced thermodynamics for engineering (CRC, 2002)

    22. Computational Flow Modeling for Chemical Reactor Engineering Process Systems Engineering.

    23. Surfaces-Chemistry and Applications-Chaudhury

    24. Handbook of polymer solution thermodynamics

    25. Rate Equations of Polymerization React

    26. Polymer Data Handbook

    27. DOE Fuel Cell Handbook 5thEdition

    28. To be continued …

    III, CD4 - Kirk-Othmer’s Encyclopedia of chemical technology 25 vols (Bách khoa toàn thư công nghệ hóa học của Kirk – Othmer 25 cuốn) (615 MB)
    IV, CD5 – Perry’s chemical engineering’s handbook - 7th ed CD version + PDF version(Sổ tay công nghệ hóa học của Perry)V, CD6 – CRC handbook of chemistry and physics (84th ed, CD version) + 84th & 85th PDF version (Sổ tay hóa học và vật lý – NXB CRC) (535 MB)

    VI, CD7 – Petroleum e-books (Một số ebook về dầu khí) (250 MB)
    Advanced control and information systems handbook 2003 – Hydrocarbon processing

    Petrochemical processes 2005 – Hydrocarbon processing

    Applied process design chemical and petrochemical plants – Vol 1: Emphasizes how to apply techniques of process design and interpret results into mechanical equipment details.

    Applied process design chemical and petrochemical plants – Vol 2: Covers distillation and packed towers and how to apply techniques of process design and interpret results into mechanical equipment details.

    Applied process design chemical and petrochemical plants - Vol 3:

    Handbook of electrical engineering for practitioners in the oil gas and petrochemical industry

    Handbook of petroleum analysis

    Application of HAZOP and what-if safety review to the petroleum

    Calculation of heater-tube thickness in petroleum refineries

    Centrifugal pump for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industry

    Chemistry of petrochemical processes

    The chemistry of petroleum and its substitutes (1915 – very old)

    Hydrocarbon chemistry

    Reciprocating compressors for petroleum, chemical and gas industry services

    Standard handbook of petroleum and natural gas engineering – Vol 1

    Standard handbook of petroleum and natural gas engineering – Vol 2

    Oil and gas journal (7/11/2005)

    VII, CD8 - Materials engineering (Công nghệ vật liệu)

    Nanostructured materials – Processing, properties and potential applications

    Nanoscale materials in chemistry

    Carbon nanotubes (Morinubo Endo)

    Metal – polymer nanocomposites (Luigi Nicolais)

    Science and application of nanotubes (Tomanek)

    Science and technology of carbon nanotubes (Tanaka)

    Springer – Handbook of nanotechnology

    The handbook of nanotechnology – Business, policy and intellectual property law

    Molecular devices and machines – a journey into the nanoworld

    Handbook of polymer testing – physical methods

    Principle of plasma discharges and materials processing

    Theory of dislocations (John Hirth)

    3D Fibre reinforced polymer composites

    Carbon alloys – Novel concepts to develop Carbon Science and Technology

    Carbon materials for advanced technologies (Timothy Burchell)

    Carbon-carbon materials composites (John Buckley)

    Casting – John Campbell

    Electrodeposition – The materials science of coating and substrates (Dini)

    Encyclopedia of materials characterization (Richard Brundle)

    Encyclopedia of materials, parts and finishes (Mel Schwartz)

    Engineered interfaces in fiber reinforced composites (JangKyo Kim)

    Engineering Materials Vol1 – An introduction to their properties and applications (Michael Asby)

    Mechanics of sheet metal forming (Marciniak)

    Metal Fatigue effects of small defects and nonmetallic inclusions.

    Metal foams – A design guide

    Modern physical metallurgy and Materials engineering (Smallman)

    Physical metallurgy Vol 1, 2, 3 (Robert Cahn)

    Plastics engineering (Crawford)

    Smithells Light metals handbook

    Smithells – Metals reference book

    Sol-gel technology for thin films, fibers, performs, electronics, and specialty shapes

    The coming of materials science (Robert Cahn)

    Thin film materials – Stress defect formation and surface evolution (Freund)

    Welding of aluminum and its alloys (Mathers)

    VIII, CD9 - Others (Inorganic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Computational chemistry, Handbooks, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries …) (Các loại khác: hóa vô cơ, hóa lý, hóa tin, sổ tay, BKTT, từ điển, …)
    Chemical tradename dictionary

    Lange’s handbook of chemistry (15th ed)

    Complete steroid handbook 2004

    CRC handbook of chemistry and physics 84th ed

    CRC handbook of chemistry and physics 85th ed

    CRC Environmental engineering dictionary and directory

    Epoxy handbook

    Chemoinformatics (Gasterger J., Engel T.)

    Exploring chemistry with electronic structure methods (Foresman J.B, Frisch A.)

    Computational molecular dynamics – challenges, methods, ideas

    Introduction to computational chemistry (Jensen F. 1999)

    Computational chemistry (Young D.C 2001)

    HyperChem computational chemistry 1996

    Computational chemistry using the PC 3rd ed (Rogers D.W 2003)

    Excel for chemists

    Handbook of inorganic chemical (Patnaik P.)

    A guide to chalcogen – nitrogen chemistry

    Chemistry of the elements (Greenwood N.N., Earnshaw A.)

    Modern inorganic chemistry

    Chemical kinetics – the study of reaction rates in solution (Connors K.A 1990)

    Entropy and its physical meaning (Taylor 1996)

    Encyclopedia of chemical physics and physical chemistry (3 vols) – .chm version

    Encyclopedia of chemical physics and physical chemistry - .pdf version

    Physical chemistry of surfaces

    Thermochemical processes

    Kings chemistry survival guide - A guide for the hobbyist, enthusiast, or amateur for the preparation of common, and un-common laboratory chemicals

    Climate change and carbon markets

    Handbook of chemical and biological warfare agents

    Basic training in chemistry (Hoenig S.)

    They hype about hydrogen fact and fiction in the race to save the climate

    Labs Tools

    Solving general chemistry problems (5th ed 1980)

    Chemistry of gun powder and explosives

    The green house effect (tieng Viet)

    Vision of the future chemistry and live science

    IX, CD10 - Thư viện NMR của Aldrich ( =1124508362/sr=8-2/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i2_xgl14/103-0349961-98454 46?v=glance&s=books&n=507846 )

    X, CD11 – Analytical chemistry (Hóa phân tích)Encyclopedia of separation science

    Polymer spectroscopy

    Silverstein -Spectroscopy chemistry

    Encyclopedia of spectroscopy and spectrometry (3 vols in 2 .pdf files)

    Hollas J.M. - Modern spectroscopy

    Infrared spectroscopy – Fundamentals and applications

    Mass spectroscopy of polymers

    NMR spectroscopy

    Schorn C. – NMR spectroscopy – Data acquisition

    Structure elucidation by NMR in organic chemistry

    Chiral separation techniques

    Encyclopedia of chromatography

    Liquid chromatography column theory

    Column handbook for size exclusion chromatography

    Introduction to environmental analysis

    Modern analytical chemistry

    Handbook of surface and interface analysis – methods for problem solving

    J.A.C.Broekaert - Analytic Atomic Spectroscopy with Flames and Plasmas

    Cole M. The Analysis of Controlled Substances - A Systematic Approach (Wiley,2003)

    Tổng cộng khoảng 6Gb

    Tui muốn chia sẻ cho mọi người dùng nhưng ko thể upload đươc.

    Bạn nào có nhu cầu thì liên hệ với mình qua email: Mình sẽ ghi ra đĩa và gửi cho.

    (Mình ở Hà Nội)
    Lần sửa cuối bởi chembook; 21-08-2005 lúc 01:00 PM

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    Laziness is killing me... Avatar của Aprilsnow
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    Oct 2002
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    Mặc định

    Bạn cho cái giá cái nhỉ? Mình mua về upload lên thư viện cho anh em BK download. đang đói cái tài liệu về hóa học

    Kẻ thù lớn nhất của tôi là sự lười biếng và tự mãn
    Điểm yếu lớn nhất của tôi là sự thiếu tự tin và kém cỏi

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    HUT's Master Avatar của sonnvl
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    Feb 2003
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    Mặc định

    Quote Nguyên văn bởi Langthangnet
    Bạn cho cái giá cái nhỉ? Mình mua về upload lên thư viện cho anh em BK download. đang đói cái tài liệu về hóa học
    Thằng cha này quảng cáo rõ kinh rồi lấy giá cắt cổ. Trên ttvnol to mồm kêu 8000Đ/CD xong đến lúc gạ hỏi mua thật chú hô tận 20000Đ.:-o

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    HUT's Engineer Avatar của songmon
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    May 2004
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    bác nào mua được về share cho anh em đi. Mà thử hỏi xem giá thế nào nhỉ, nếu rẻ như bình thường mua phát dùng cho sướng. Bác gì cho giá lên đây đi.
    -"Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right."-
    Biết đủ trong cái đủ của mình thì luôn luôn đủ

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    svBK's Newbie
    Tham gia ngày
    Aug 2005
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    Mặc định

    Hề hề, lâu lắm rùi ko vào 4rum bách khoa. Có 20.000d/CD mà ông bác còn kêu ca. Một người mua về rùi share cho cả trường cơ mà, thế thì còn gì là chất xám của tôi nữa (he he). Các bác thích tự download thì tôi bày cách cho mà down, down xong rồi thì xem cái giá 20.000d/CD nó là đắt hay là rẻ nhé. (3 tháng trời của tôi đấy)
    Có gì các bác vui lòng liên hệ: Đừng PM cho tôi nhé, tôi ít khi vào 4rum.

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    Kiếm tiền nuôi con Avatar của chutichhtcbk
    Tham gia ngày
    May 2005
    Bài gửi

    Mặc định

    Fluid Flow for Chemical Engineers (2nd Edition)

    Chemical Reactor Design, Optimization, and Scaleup

    Ceramic Technology and Processing

    Conversion of Polymer Wastes and Energetics

    Food Product Development

    Engineering Documentation Control Handbook (2nd Edition)

    Fire Retardant Materials

    Engineering Problem Solving - A Classical Perspective

    Adhesion of Polymers

    Coloring Technology for Plastics

    Engineering Measurements - Methods and Intrinsic Errors

    Engineering Measurements

    Chemistry and Technology of Thermosetting Polymers in Construction Applications

    Engineering Procedures Handbook

    Advanced Polymer Processing Operations

    Guidelines for Process Equipment Reliability Data - With Data Tablesv

    Fundamentals of Polymer Engineering

    Engineering Vibration Analysis with Application to Control Systems

    Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Masonry Materials Handbook

    Diesel Engine Reference Book (2nd Edition)

    Introduction to Environmental Analysis (Analytical Techniques in the Sciences)

    Concise Encyclopedia of Plastics

    Construction and Structural Adhesives and Sealants - An Industrial Guide

    Multidimensional Chromatography

    Electroless Plating - Fundamentals and Applications

    Cosmetics Additives - An Industrial Guide

    Fiber Reinforced Ceramic Composites

    Chemical Process Equipment - Selection and Design

    Extruding Plastics - A Practical Processing Handbook

    Introduction of Thermal Analysis
    Việc nước là việc lớn nhất
    Nhưng việc giữa người với người không thể nhỏ hơn

    (Lý Chiêu Hoàng nói với Trần Thủ Độ)


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    Kiếm tiền nuôi con Avatar của chutichhtcbk
    Tham gia ngày
    May 2005
    Bài gửi

    Mặc định

    Handbook of Polymer-Modified Concrete and Mortars - Properties and Process Technology

    Handbook of Adhesives Raw Materials (2nd Edition)

    Handbook of Hydrothermal Technology - Technology for Crystal Growth and Materials Processing

    Handbook of chemistry

    Handbook of Analytical Techniques in Concrete Science and Technology

    Handbook of Material Weathering (2nd Edition)

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    Kiếm tiền nuôi con Avatar của chutichhtcbk
    Tham gia ngày
    May 2005
    Bài gửi

    Mặc định

    Carbon-Carbon Materials and Composites

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    HUT's Master Avatar của sonnvl
    Tham gia ngày
    Feb 2003
    Bài gửi

    Mặc định

    Mấy cái link trên rapidshare em có đầy quan trọng là download rất khó! Các bác có cách nào hiến kế cho em cái! Thanks

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    Kiếm tiền nuôi con Avatar của chutichhtcbk
    Tham gia ngày
    May 2005
    Bài gửi

    Mặc định

    Khó ở chỗ nào? Không cho free à?

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