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I do some C programming for PIC microcontrollers at work. Some time ago, I developed a "PIC" C AppWizard (under MS-Visual Studio v6) to create C PIC applications. Now I've decided to make it a Win32 "regular" executable so the wizard does not depend on Visual Studio IDE.

This PIC-C Wizard creates C code templates to be used for certain Microchip (tm) PIC microcontrollers using the Hi-Tech's PICC compiler (tm). I know these two issues limit the usability of the tool, so I hope someone finds it useful.

The demo files provided are part of a demo PIC C project created using this wizard.


* GUI interface to assist the user setup PIC's hardware and software.
* Creates C code templates that can be compiled with PICC (tm) compiler for the embedded version and Visual C/C++ for the PC version of the PIC's application.
* Handles different users.
* Creates a basic make batch file for PICC compilation and a project file (.dsp) for MS Visual C/C++ v6.0.
* User can add or remove PIC micros by editing a text information file (PIC.INF).
* Users can modify, add and/or remove the default C templates, so the wizard generates C code with the user's programming style.
* It includes basic source code comments to create documentation using doxygen.

To be honest, all these features are not yet implemented 100% and the wizard may still be "buggy". I'll be posting frequent updates as I'm still working on it.


I have not yet created an installer for this tool. So for now, simply download it and place it under a folder of your choice. I have tested it under Windows XP, 2K and NT SP6.

How This Wizard Works