All the lights go off… The wind blows up… A flash of lightning strikes the window

And…..a white shadow…..lurking… in the dark…..

You feel the cold hands and wonder if you’ll ever see the sun again
You close your eyes and hope that this is just… imagination
but unveiling is a… terrifying night

A Halloween party with SMARTENGLISH


Time: 7:00 pm Saturday, October 29th, 2011
Venue: 26-180 Lane-Thai Thinh Street –Dong Da-Hanoi

Sense a freezing chill watching a scary clip on Halloween day!
Challenge your bravery sinking in bloody games!
Shake to the moves of monsters and zombies!
Make yourself totally different in a breathtaking fashion show!!!


§Dress up as your best or worst characters to win the titles of King of Monsters ¨

§Register to show up your talent in Smart English stage 29th 2011 at SmartEnglish’ s receptionist desk!!! right before the party start or contact with us if you need some help

Scramble to your feet & Touch your souls!
Hotline: Ms.Hien(0996 889 647) or Ms.Lan Anh(0914 440 988)