You are a quick-minded student but living a boring life unconsciously. People say there is nothing special about you.

Let’s show them who you truly are. Scare them with your knowledge and talent. Don’t know how? Come to us:


Time: 18.00, Thursday, April 14th

Venue: A101 – Foreign Trade University, 91 Chua Lang Str.

We welcome all English lovers seeking for chance to practice speaking English so badly, but in the upper level: debating!

BeeInspired is more than a workshop where you listen to sleepy theoretic guidelines. Join us, beside experiences and tips in debating skills, you will also gain:

* Shared experiences and tips in improving debating skills

* Motivation to boost self-confident

* Stepping-stone on the journey of accomplishing yourself

Once you are ready, challenges and chances await: BEEPRO


Part 1
BEEPRO overview
What is BEEPRO?
Highlights of its path

Part 2

Debating skill

Techniques for prevailing in a debate by experienced guest

Take action

Trial debate in group with BEEPRO 2010 contestants

Break time: Music performance

Part 3

Provide detailed rules, registation process

BEEPRO 2010 contestanst

Let them inspire you

Wait no more!

Come to BeeInspired for precious experiences and tips about debating,

most of all, for being inspired!!!!

Wipe out shyness, or keep living monotonous life.

EC awaits you

>Come as guests, stay as family!<