Đây là 2 events quyên góp tiền ủng hộ nạn nhân động đất-sóng thần ở Nhật Bản. Cả hai chương trình đều khá hay, kết hợp nhiều hoạt động khác. Nhà mình nếu ai có thời gian & quan tâm thì tới tham gia nhé.

1/ Portrait Salon @ Maison Des Arts

Date: Friday, April 1
Time: 60 pm - 8:00 pm
Place Maison Des Arts, 31 Van Mieu, Dong Da, HN

a gathering or salon of International and Hanoian artists April 1 through 8.

More than a dozen local artists will join internationals including photographers, poets, singers, musicians and dancers in a series of informal gatherings to compose portraits of each other as well as of new friends and visitors to the MdA as mirrors of our selves.

The ongoing exhibition of portraits of all kinds by local artists and many from abroad includes watercolor sumi portraits I have made these past two months in some of the many cafes of Hanoi.

On April 1 April Fools' Day or Poisson d'Avril, we celebrate an ancient vernal holiday both romantic and surprising, from 50 to 8 pm with a salon open to everyone

The salon of new encounters will continue the rest of the week during normal gallery hours.

2/ Charity Bazaar for the Japanese @ Horizon International Bilingual School

Saturday, April 2
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Horizon International Bilingual School
Horizon International Bilingual School,Dong Da Campus is organizing a 'Charity Bazaar' for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Japan.

Vendors will be selling food and handicraft made by Horizon students.

All the money raised will be sent to Japan.

Admission is free.

Please come eat to put smiles on, at least, some faces there in Japan.

Remember: 'Buying is caring!' at Horizon Charity Bazaar.

Address: Alley 15, Huynh Thuc Khang St,Dong Da District, Hanoi

PS: Cả nhà mình thấy có event nào hay và ý nghĩa dành cho Nhật Bản thì có thể post vào đây để các bạn khác có thể tham gia nhé!
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