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Chủ đề: What to do when you're hacked...

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    What to do when you're hacked...

    I'm so angry now..SOmeone hás hacked my comp.I know that because there's always an:"ENDING PROGRAM" appears whenever I shut down my comp,and just appears when I use the Internet.The file names:cmmon.exe
    1st I thought that I know for sure my comp is hacked bcause my comp shows a report :"Your comp has a very serious problem"...and send this to it used to be when we úse Wins xp Pro.I send manytimes,but up to now,it still requires to send ...hec...
    I have used Bachkhoa scan virus and ZOne Alarm...when I know that,I just turn the firewall òn ZA to high and firewall,but it still hás that file working.I check the Task manager -> PRocess,and I find the cmmon.exe files->end process.
    LAter,I check again,and I still sêe it..what do I do now??
    Well,I just also think that my pw used cookie .....I immediatly changed all the pw and clear cookies...(I often save pw on all sites and some mails)..hec...
    CAn you help me???What do I do now?I úe 2 kind of antivirus,but I have known that ZA now hás some problems in firewall ....

    Please help!

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    Format your hard disk, change all pwd , update newests security updates, and never open any strange application .

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    Mặc định

    HOw to format???
    And Ìf I format,will all òf my documents be lost??

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    Mặc định

    1.Backup all important files
    2.Format your hard disk with Boot Able CD
    3. Reinstall your Window
    4.Update security
    5. Try to use NAV or any else to scan the backup files

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    Hehe, are u sure that u are hacked? Check your hardware to find something which is not comatible. Hehe

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    Quân Nhân Danh Dự Avatar của tinhyeumuonmang
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    Oct 2002
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    You had better throw your computer and buy a new.....Because i think that you are rich man...<_<
    Tăng Ka liên tục!

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    Mặc định

    I check the Task manager -> PRocess,and I find the cmmon.exe files->end process.
    LAter,I check again,and I still sêe it..what do I do now??
    1. Run msconfig and delete registry of cmmon.exe
    Restart your com and check for existance of it.
    2. Use NAV 2004 with newest update to scan all trojans and viruses.
    3. If still have problem, backup data and install OS again.

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