Location: Miền Bắc và Miền Trung( Miền Nam đã có người rồi)

Length of Position: always

Dates: present
Contact: www.sportsdata.ag. Hoặc liên hệ A Phong 0903971951, email: bsphongcb2004@yahoo.com


We are offering an interesting job for acquired sport fans in a freelancer position. They have to attend sport venues for gathering sport statistics and real time providing. We will need local freelancer scouts, who are living close to the venues. The applicants have to be reliable and communicative.

Please contact us for further information regarding the job.

- Attending of top class sport events
- Payment on each single event
- Reimbursement of expenses regarding the duty

- Fluent in spoken and written English
- Good knowledge in Vietnamese sports. You don´t need to be an expert. But you have to know the rules and the teams.
- Achievable and common with modern communication devices (You will get frequent mails, SMS)
- Cell phone with at least 1 additional battery
- Mobility
- Applicant currently has to live in Vietnam
Job Types
o Comm (Radio, TV, & Film)
o Journalism
o Sports

- We pay 35,00 Euro per standard sport event (single match at a venue). Additionally we will reimburse ticket and transport expenses.
Experience Required

This Program is open to

Worldwide Participants.
Typically Participants Work

Application Process Involves
o Phone Interview
o Written Application
Typically The Application Process Time is

14 days
Sports Data AG's Mission Statement

Sports Data AG is one of the world's leading information suppliers for sport related data and statistics. Our System is based on our unique fully automated data extraction and supervision technology for highest quality standard combined with a complex scout and video signal monitoring system. We are providing the most reliable data available worldwide for the betting and media industry for all relevant distribution channels. We are looking for additional team members who report from sports events via an in house developed system.
Year Founded