Five open positions for iCy, an early stage technology startup. Very attractive salary!
Though the social networks have been growing rapidly, they do not have a strong health: they help crowded groups communicate conveniently but get lost in making better meanings for the people’ works and careers. We need to make change!
iCy* is an exciting Silicon Valley-based startup that shapes its technology vision differently: its mission is to apply advanced technology to create many new values for life. It targets both Vietnam market and global market.
Open Positions:
We are seeking five web developers with strong responsibility, enthusiasm and commitment to build a successful startup. We prefer people who are experts at one specific field to those who know everything. The compensation is very attractive and equity will be given to members who bring exceptional strides to the company. While startups always need discipline, our primary goal is to create a friendly working environment and maintain a lifelong relationship like that in a family. Hence, we expect to work with you for long.
An ideal developer should be a savvy software engineer with excellent PHP skills, and strong experiences on OOP and MVC architecture. He/She should love to weave together spotlessly clean HTML & CSS and beautiful jQuery. The experience on CI or Zend framework*is a recommendation. However, remember that we will have our own framework to outperform both Zend and CI in term of speed and optimality. So the excitement to learn new things and share knowledge is very important.
If you are interested in our startup, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or send us your CVs:
1. Mr. Hung Pham
Email Address: , Phone: 097 642 1131
2. Mr. Thai Pham
Email Address:, Phone: 0166 8927 696
We are excited to hear from you!
Remark: We welcome a partner who is willing and excited to shape the technology side of the company, and would be compensated with a significant equity stake.
* We are not making another social network!
* It would be nicer if you know AI (Artificial Intelligence) or theoretical computer science.
* At least, in our opinion.