IncrediMail 2 Premium 6.0.7 | 14.7 MB

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IncrediMail email program

Your IncrediMail will look like this! Here you can compose new email, send and receive emails, manage your contacts, and enjoy all IncrediMail features!

Status Window

The Status Window, located at the top right corner of your IncrediMail, has 2 important functions: a clock and an indicator of new incoming and outgoing email.

Emoticon Center

At the Emoticon Center you’ll find 1000’s of adorable Emoticons perfect for every mood or occasion, just waiting to be inserted into your emails.

3D Effects

Watch your emails turn into 3D objects when sending, receiving or deleting your email messages. You’ll find lots of 3D effects to choose from in your 3D Magic.

Style Box

Your Style Box contains all the Letters, Ecards, Animations and Sounds that you download from IncrediMail’s Online Gallery.


Select a fun animated character to notify you when new email arrives.