Sending abroad project- Volunteer for Peace Vietnam

Do you want to experience life abroad?
Do you want to enjoy a new environment?
Do you want to widen your knowledge in cultural exchange?
Or just want to brighten your certification?

Come with us: “Sending abroad project”

• Project in over 150 countries worldwide
• Join a team of International Volunteers working on community-based projects
• Accommodation and food are sponsored

VPV is an International Voluntary Organization providing various opportunities for Vietnamese people to join volunteer projects in many different countries around the world. Join, Learn and Share is the main goals of participating in these wonderful activities.
VPV organize Volunteer Project in Vietnam and in over 150 countries worldwide. We offer opportunities for all.

What do I have from Sending abroad project?
- Experience of local culture & customs
- Being part of a team of Volunteers from all over the world
- Certification of participation in an International work camp

Where can I go?
Here are some of the countries where you can volunteers.
- UK
- Germany
- France
- Italy
- Spain
- Holland
- Belgium
- Thailand
- Indonesia
- India,
- Taiwan
- Korea
- Japan

And there’re many more.

What sorts of project are available?

- Volunteer with refugees
- Set up a music show or assist a festival
- Assist with holidays for people with special needs
- Volunteer at nature reserve
- Teach English
- Help with art activities
- Organize activities for street children
- Renovate cultural heritages.

Sharing experience:

Đào Hoa Anh, ULLH – Oct-Dec 2007, Workcamp, Korea
Lê Thị Bích An, FTU - 10/8/2008-25/8/2008, Workcamp, Japan
Nguyễn Bảo Linh, FTU – Aug 2008, Workcamp, France
Đỗ Thị Lụa, HUT – 10 days, Training, Rumani
Phùng Thị Châu – 9 months, Estonia
How to apply?
Please send your personal information, the country and the time you want to go to
We will provide you information you need: the number of work camp, time, and place, what it does? Visa, airplane ticke, Guideline overview: the country: culture & customs…

What do I need to know?
- Most project run in the summer, run for 2-12 weeks
- Project for anyone aged 18+
- No experience necessary
- Food and accommodation are free
- For more information, please contact us

Volunteer For Peace Vietnam
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