"Student Internship - WICHIP
Company Name: WICHIP Technologies, Inc.
Job Category: Engineering
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Position Type: Part-Time
Students: 4rd – 5th year Students

About Us

WICHIP Technologies Inc. is a technology services company founded in 2006. Our outstanding engineers are specialists in the areas of Embedded System, ASIC/FPGA design and verification services. A vital element of the WICHIP organization is our consultants and their motivation and expertise. We constantly strive to be creative in sourcing, attracting and hiring top talented and highly qualified engineers.
Job Title

Embedded Engineer
Job Description
Engineers are responsible for developing embedded biomedical applications. The applications include motion sensitive controller, pedometer, heart rate monitor, ECG display, body temperature monitor, sleep apnea/popnea event detector. Engineers also take care of disassembling development kits in order to reprogram with custom applications.
· Good experience in programming languages (C/C++)
· Must have debugging skills and analytical skills
· Must be familiar with microcontroller programming like AVR, PIC, or 8051
· Good team player with excellent communication skills

Application Engineer
Job Description
Engineers will create, maintain and develop a set of Web 2.0 applications which are written in Action Script, Ruby. These applications are text processing, systematic processing, search engines that related to Rich Internet Applications.
· Knowledge of web programming, server, database.
· Familiar with one of HTML, PHP, Java, Flash.
· Expertise in C/C++ programming.
· Having background in one of Ruby on Rails, Flex, and Adobe AIR is a plus.
· Experience with Action Script, Ruby will be appreciated.
· Willing to learn new technologies, new knowledge.

Verification Engineer
Job Description
· System verification using C++, SystemC, SystemVerilog
· IP integration and verification using industry standard bus interfaces: AMBA, IBM CoreConnect, OCP, Wishbone
· Creation and verification of Bus Functional Models
· Formal verification and assertion based verification
· IP Functional Verification
If you consider yourself as an expert in any of the above fields and value excellence, partnership and commitment or willing to be trained, please send your resume to careers@wichiptech.com Địa chỉ email này đã được bảo vệ từ spam bots, bạn cần kích hoạt Javascript để xem nó. . We are also looking for interns who have are going to complete their degrees soon.

Vũ Thắng"

cái này mình lấy từ trang web của khoa điện tử viễn thông. đây là trang chủ của Wichip: http://www.wichiptech.com/home.html