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Chủ đề: Windows Se7en Razorlight Revolution x64 (2009/ENG + RUS MUI)

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    Icon10 Windows Se7en Razorlight Revolution x64 (2009/ENG + RUS MUI)

    Windows Se7en Razorlight Revolution x64 (2009/ENG + RUS MUI)

    Year: 2009
    Version: 7600.16385
    Platform: x64
    Developer: Microsoft / Razorsedge (NewAge OS TEAM)
    Language: ENG + RUS MUI
    File size: 3.88 GB

    File size: 3.88 GB
    System requirements:
    -CPU: 1.5 GHz 64-bit
    -VIDEO: with support for DirectX 9 and 128 MB of memory (for the theme Aero)
    -RAM: 512 MB or more
    -HDD: 12 GB (4 GB Space)

    Offered to your attention a remarkable assembly of Razorsedge (NewAge OS TEAM) Founded on the original form of the final Windows 7 OEM Ultimate x64 7600.16385.090713-1255. (from an image, do not cut) Assembly appropriated an original visual style (lots of those, sounds and cursors), integrated all the updates, as well as all the registry tweaks, to ensure maximum system performance. Build fully working, the system thoroughly tested. There is a small WPI

    There is nothing removed from windows 7 to avoid any conflicts and based on users requests not to remove components, all updates to october 3rd are integrated listed below with a few extra user choice updates available off wpi. I have disabled many windows services by default these can be enabled in windows services if you require any for your setup. There has been many tweaks added they are listed below, included quite a number of tweaker programs available on wpi so that you can tweak windows 7 just how you would like it.

    I have included a number of themes and cursors. To run wpi wait till windows finishes install then eject the dvd and reinsert it autoplay menu will open click wpi button to show the wpi apps menu. There is some extra display effects in a folder on your desktop called extras listed below. Any extra theme replacement dll’s are also placed in a folder on the desktop called themes if you would like to replace your dll files with them.

    - 7-zip x64
    - Adobe Flash Player
    - Core Temp Control Panel
    - CPU-Z Control Panel
    - DreamSceneWin7×64
    - Notepad2
    - Open Command Prompt Shell Extension x64
    - Reapers Adobe Shockwave Player Windows7
    - Reapers Autoruns 9.54 Windows7 Control Panel
    - Reapers Java Runtime 6 Update 16 Windows7
    - Reapers RunAlyzer Windows7 Control Panel
    - Reapers Startup Control Panel 2.8 Windows7 Control Panel
    - Universal TCPIP Patch Addon x64
    - Windows 7 Tweaker

    KB675605-v2-x64, KB675606-x64, KB947821-v2-x64, KB954664-x64, KB958488-v6001-x64, KB958559-WindowsVirtualPC-x64
    KB970413-v2-x64, KB972831-v3-x64, KB973525-x64, KB973529-x64, KB973751-x64, KB973874-x64, KB974039-v2-x64
    KB974090-x64, KB974176-x64, KB974204-v2-x64, KB974259-v2-x64, KB974327-x64, KB974332-v1.1-x64, KB974431-x64
    KB974455-x64, KB974476-v2-x64, KB974537-x64, KB974560-v2-x64, KB974571-x64, KB974598-x64, KB974624-x64
    KB974639-x64, KB974912-x64, KB974940-v4-x64, KB975053-x64, KB975214-x64, KB975243-x64, KB975415-x64, KB975467-x64
    KB975469-x64, KB975496-x64, KB975499-x64, KB975535-v2-x64, KB975599-x64, KB975688-x64, KB975762-x64, KB975777-x64
    KB975778-x64, KB975858-x64, KB975921-x64, KB976092-x64, KB123334-x64, KB123456-v2-x64, KB674101-x64, KB674103-x64

    - Themes Patched – neuropass
    - Disable low disk space notification
    - Add take ownership to context menu
    - Add copy to folder on the context menu
    - Add move to folder on the context menu
    - Internet Explorer Unlimited Simultaneous downloads
    - Disable UAC
    - Disable auto reboot after installing updates
    - DEP (Data Execution Prevention) Disabled (AlwaysOff)
    - AntiSpyware Realtime Protection Disabled
    - Power scheme High performance
    - Control Panel Classic View
    - Show hidden files and folders
    - Show protected operating system files
    - Show extensions for known file types

    Offline services: (can be included)
    Adaptive brightness, Application layer gateway, base filtering engine, bluetooth support service, branchcache, Certificate propagation, computer browser, disk defragmenter, distrubited link tracking client, fax, Function discovery provider host, healthkey and certificate management, home group listener, home group provider , human interface device access, ike and authip ipsec keying modules, internet connection sharing, ip helper, ipsec policy agent, media center extender service, net.tcp port sharing service, network access protection agent, offline files, parental controls, peer name resolution protocol, peer network grouping, peer network identity manager, pnp-x bus enumerator, pnrp machine publication service, portable device enumerator service, problem reports and solutions control panel support, remote desktop config, remote desktop services, remote desktop services user mode port redirector , remote procedure call (RPC) locator, remote registry, routing and remote access, security center, smart card, smart card removal policy, tablet pc input service, webclient, windows biometric service, windows cardspace, windows connect now config registar, windows defender , error reporting service, windows firewall, windows media center reciever service, windows media center schedular service, windows media player network sharing service, windows remote management (ws management), windows search, winhttp web proxy auto discovery service

    - 7Tweak0.9.2
    - Aimp2 Mega Pack
    - Definition Update for Windows Defender (KB915597) x64
    - Netframeworks 4.0 x64
    - Driver Genius Professional
    - EnhanceMySe7en
    - Firefox 3.5.3 special edition – neuropass
    - FoxitReader3110928
    - Internet Download Manager V5.18 Build 3
    - KMPlayer
    - Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) x64
    - Microangelo On Display v6.10.10 x64
    - Microsoft Security Essentials Definition x64
    - MicrosoftDeploymentToolkit2010_x64
    - Windows Live Messenger Special Edition x64 – neuropass
    - Objectdock free
    - Pc-decrapifier-2.1.0
    - PlayReadyPC-KB971012-v1.3-x64
    - PowerPack142
    - Direct X August 2009
    - Klite Codec Pack mega 5.10
    - Quicktime Lite 2.9.2
    - Real Lite 2.0.0
    - SilverLight-KB974331-v3.0
    - SPTDinst-v160-x64
    - Thunderbird30b4
    - TweakWindows7
    - Ultimate Windows Tweaker
    - Ultra Iso
    - VsoConvertXtoDVD
    - Windows 7 toolkit
    - WinASO.EasyTweak.v3.0 windows 7 tweaker
    - Windows7manager 1.1.3 x64
    - Windows 7 Power Tool Ultimate v2.3
    - Windows-KB890830-v2.14-x64
    - WinRAR v3.90 x64
    - WinTuning-7 for Windows-7

    Extra Display programs
    - Windows 7 glass cmd window
    - Windows 7 Logon background changer
    - Windows 7 Trans windows

    Tabletka: You can use any of the existing current activators, or wait for ~ 1.5 weeks before the first key
    MD5: 03976d35205cb718b8c8da47b3cf9d82


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