Hi there! Wish you a joyful new year with lots of laughs

It's time for the "start of something new"!

Are you good at English? You can sing English songs with no mistake? You can read English magazines as an Englishman, even translate them into Vietnamese? Or you can talk about English grammar as a "professional"? Oooh... join us!


Are you interested in computers? When clicking and typing is part of your world... join us now!


One day... you want to combine them? English and IT - two becomes one.

Let's come to ITEC - Information Technology English Club - a place when we share everything in English, especially on IT.

We are seeking some friends who're willing to become ITEC's key members........


Just send your registration email to itec.bk@gmail.com before


My name is:
My phone number:
I come from:

  • About me: ...
  • I want to be a key member of ITEC because...
  • After becoming a key member of ITEC, I will...

For more detail, please visit our blog: http://360.yahoo.com/bkitec

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ITEC - IT English Club