By entering the registration code above into DriverMax, you
will gain access to online driver downloads from the DriverMax
server and you agree to subscribe to the Innovative Solutions

newsletter, which we send once or twice every month, and from
which you can unsubscribe at any time by simply clicking an
unsubscribe link included in each newsletter.

Only after installing the latest release of DriverMax please

enter this code into the program in order to activate your
online account.

To enter your registration code quickly and easily, please use

Detailed instructions on how to use COPY/PASTE to enter the

registration code:

1. Select the entire code using your mouse.

This is accomplished by placing the mouse cursor at the
beginning of the code, holding down the left mouse button,
moving the mouse cursor to the end of the code, and then

releasing the left mouse button.

The entire code (and nothing else but the code) should now
appear in a different color, to indicate that it's selected.

2. Right click on the selected text. A menu will appear -

please choose "Copy". Or, just press CTRL+C.

3. Start the DriverMax program.

4. A trial window will appear. Please click the
"Enter registration code" button. A small window will appear.

5. Please click the "Paste" button. You should see the
registration code copy itself to the code area.

6. Press the "Ok" button.

After copy/pasting the registration code into the DriverMax

program (as described in the 6 instructions above), the
online account should become active, and you will be able to
access all the online functions of DriverMax.

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