Ring ring ring...

Have you heard the Jingle bells? The Christmas Eve is coming so close. Get your costume ready and be on the way to Irec.Cool Christmas Party


The event includes Music, Fashion show, Circus, Musical comedy and Cakes & Drinks for a slight feast.

Please come to enjoy and receive Miracle Gifts at 2B Le Duan, Dis. 1, HCMC. The gate to Miracle Station will open at 60 P.M, Sunday 21/12/2008.

Ticket prize: 50.000 VND per one.

*Special for 200 first members of Irec: Only 20.000 VND per ticket.

**Participants are recommended to dress in formal clothes. No jeans or Tshirts allowed.

***All performances will be in English

Our event is sponsored by Celano Ice-cream of Kido’s. The profit afterwards will be used for charity purpose.

In the end, it’s about spread and share your Christmas Miracles.

Ring ring ring...

It’s the Jingle bells calling. Here comes the Miracle Night of nights.