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Chủ đề: How about the speaking skill of student in FFL?

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    Hi everyone,
    FFL is a still being a newly established part in our university. Because we have no graduated student from this one, so, it's quite hard to impose a general figure about our pretty mates . As i know, because of financial reason, we dont have foreign experts to help us in learning the language effectively, esp the speaking skill. And, the point is, Do you feel confident enough to say that you'll have an excellent level of English after 4.5 years studying in our university?
    In fact, we have an English Club running occationally , but, I myself think we should have some more activities to help students, esp the ones who come from the rural areas, to have more chances to practice their English. to enjoy the most beautiful time in their life, and getting experiences from the senior ones.

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    I guess you are a first year student of FFL. Don't you know that the level of many students from rural areas is not worse than those from urban areas?
    We have an English club of our own, however we don't have much support, even spirital support from students from our faculty. I hope that you can give us some practical advice, for example, about several activities that we should organize beside EC.

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    He he, I am not a first year student in FFL, just a student in FME, but, I see that our EC doesnt have enough support as you've written, and our dears in FFL are still too passive in finding their own english speaking environment,and sometimes, they are too lazy to express things in English, and, the point is whether they could satisfy the requirements of employers in the Labour market?

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    It's not your business.

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    Mặc định

    Why do you raise a question that has no answer, and we cannot do anything to solve?

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    Mặc định

    If you really wanna care 'bout the Speaking Skill of FFL Students, why don't you come to C13 and try to attend Speaking lessons or see FFL students make presentations?

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    Mặc định

    My Dear QV C13,
    I've attended some of the classes in FFL as you suggested. And the result seemed to be not good as I had expected before. As a student in A field, I was very supprised (in the sense of disappointed) about your F_mates. Some of them often treat English lectures (even in the presentation skills ones ) as other subjects. They were unlikely to be succeeded to satisfy the need of being proficient given by the authoritues.

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    " They were unlikely to be succeeded to satisfy the need of being proficient given by the authoritues " ----> Well, this sentence is full of obscurities and spelling mistakes. I don't care about the way you thought of our speaking skill because you are not a specialist. That is only one simple reason for my saying so. The main reason is that I haven't heard you speak so it's very ridiculous for me to praise you. If you can give me more authetic evidences, maybe I will have a chance to agree with you, guy

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