Hi all,

There are too many IT books today but not all of them is good for us. I am sure that many people spend a lot of time to read books but do not get much of benefit because of the not-very-good quality of those books. So I really want to build a list of excellent books in IT so that we can concentrate to them to minimize the amount of time we spend and maximize the amount of knowledge we get.

Ofcourse I only know some of books which are called "classical" or "excellent" so I hope that we will build this list together. If you read a book and find that it is really good, or you know some books that are recommended by experts, please add them into our list. Surely it is better if we have hard or soft copies of listed books. Our list will be carefully categorized for convenience, so please put your books into their own categories instead of just post their names here. You can find a sample categorization here -> http://freecomputerbooks.com/

There should not be any discuss in this topic. Please create one if you want to ask about listed books.

Your contribution will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.