Other services like Rapidshare or Badongo offer limited sharing for non-premium users. On Misterupload.com users will have the freedom to upload and share as much files as they want for as long as they want.

This new online service has started its operation at precisely midnight on New Year’s Eve. According to the founders, the demand for a free online service where users aren’t limited in the way their music is stored or shared has finally been answered.

Musicians and amateurs have now a new way to express their art to the whole world for free. Let us suppose you are a DJ who has various sound sets and mix tapes already stored in your computer. You have been playing at some local clubs and have been gathering public admiration. If you wanted to share your music with your fans you would have to use one of the existing services. This meant that users would have to pay to be able to download one of your files, or they would have to do a time consuming partial download and finally reassemble the file together due to the existing services bandwidth limitation over a period of time.

Misterupload.com uses a simple and clear design focused on being user friendly. Beginners or music pros alike will have a great time using this service either for just storing or sharing their music with friends or family.