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Chủ đề: English for Electronics and Telecoms

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    Mặc định English for Electronics and Telecoms

    Dear all,
    specially mods of this box,

    I have an idea, that is creation of new sub-box which is dedicated to the discussion in english of electronics and telecoms related topics.

    This sub-box is situated in the box of FFL and moderated by FFL mods. This box is allowed for all short posts or threads, started and contributed by BKF members.

    Can you, FFL members, post here your opinion about this?


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    svBK's Member Avatar của mastermind8206
    Tham gia ngày
    Jul 2006
    Bài gửi

    Mặc định

    Dear all, specially binhjuvetus,

    I know that FET is nearly the biggest faculty in HUT, also I am aware of the importance of this field as a major and tip and top speciality of the curriculum of HUT.

    Either I know that students in this Faculty have to practice English hardly for their coming works, or I know that if you are good at English for electronics and telecommunication, you can take advantage of your strength in some other careers like informatic tech., automation, etc..

    But I don't, extremely, think that to create such a sub-box is a wise idea. If you, on behalf of a FET-box mem., raise the idea to create the sub-box and being approved, a lot of mem. from other boxes, consequently, also want to create their own sub-box, and I believe that such an intelligent person like you can foresee how serious the effect will be.

    I highly appreciate your willingness to develop your faculty, to improve FET students' language skill in coordination with the FFL box, but personally I cannot for your idea.


    A BKF member.
    Tôi đi tìm tôi
    Tôi đi tìm ai
    Ai đi tìm tôi
    Ai đi tìm ai...

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    Em vẫn như ngày xưa Avatar của cáo đeo nơ
    Tham gia ngày
    Nov 2003
    Bài gửi

    Mặc định

    wow, such a good idea and both of u are good at E. I felt really ashame when my younger sister needed my help in translation from English into Vietnamese in eletronics, difficult it was. It is not easy to translate and to find the equivalent words in Vietnamese because i am lack of knowlegde about eletronics.
    Hehe, however, Binh advise that we just discuss about electronics and telecoms in ENglish (not translation), rite? so what it should be? Will u give us a topic or an assignment, or a news, then we can raise the idea?
    Mặc kệ cuộc đời, mặc nắng mưa
    Mặc kệ yêu thương, mặc dối lừa
    Mặc kệ tình ai, mặc tình tôi
    Mặc kệ vấn vương trói buộc đời
    Mặc kệ thị phi, mặc tiếng đời
    Mặc kệ danh lợi , mặc kệ vui
    Cứ buông tất cả vào trong gió
    Để chút lòng cười với thảnh thơi

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    Mặc định

    Well, In fact, I have no idea for now.
    I'm so busy recently so I'll come back to this topic when I have time.

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    svBK's Newbie Avatar của Pitt
    Tham gia ngày
    Sep 2006
    Bài gửi

    Mặc định

    Hey guys, wy dont we create an English Club box & put all boxes abt English together in to that box.
    FFTers maybe the best at English, but can we be sure that they are good enoug to support as mods?!
    my poor opinion.

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    svBK's Member Avatar của mastermind8206
    Tham gia ngày
    Jul 2006
    Bài gửi

    Mặc định

    Of course, if we are feasible to create and manage such a Club, it would be pretty. But a lot of Clubs, even in real life, cannot go on with their activities. Do you think that an online English club can survive?

    Anyways, it would be wonderful to create an English - subox that contains all subjects, topics, themes, and so on, of all falcuties of HUT.

    Bravo Pitt for your innovative idea!

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    Mặc định

    You see, We've already got a French Club Box. I used to think about your idea Pitt, but we need to think about how to maintain the life of this box, how to attract people to join us and is there any conflict between it and FFL box?

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    svBK's Newbie Avatar của hatomun
    Tham gia ngày
    Sep 2006
    Bài gửi


    Yep, electronics terms are really big trouble . But so far, there are some thesis of FFL students carried out on this topic. So no need to creat a sub-box as the guy suggested. Why don't you guys come and see FFL library?
    Sông sâu thì mặc sông sâu
    Sông mà sâu quá thì ta đi đò

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